Human Body Impedance Measurement & Analysis Trainer Kit (ADTECH-BIOM01-BIA)


Human Body Impedance Measurement & Analysis Trainer Kit :

Trainer system consist of Master unit, Interface Unit and Experimentation Module

Specifications of Master Unit:

  • Power Supply : +5V / 1A, +12V / 500 mA, 0 to 15V DC (Variable) / 100 mA., 0 to -15V DC (Variable) / 100 mA.
  • Computer Interface (CIA) :

Opto-isolated Adaptor to prevent damage to PC parallel port (25 pin LPT) due to wrong connections. Interfaces through 25 pin M to F cable 1mtr Length. P4/XPnot in scope of supply. 4 ADC channels 0 to 2.5V full scale.1 DAC channel : o/p 2.5 V FS. V to I Function block : Input : 0-2.5Vdc, O/P: 0-20 or 4-20mA, in 100E load Max. V to PWM function block : I/P-0-2.5V, O/P-1KHz PWM O/P+9V.

  • PC Software : PC (P4/XP/WIN7) USB based Graph Utility Software for online waveform measurement. Also compatible for programming with labVIEW
  • USB I/O Module : USB IO module to interface 25 pin D connector on CIA panel to USB PC port enclosed in 25 pin D shell using Type A to mini B cable.
  • MIC Pre- Amplifier: Handheld Electret microphone with preamplifier function block with DC gain = 1, AC gain = 50
  • Audio Amplifier & speaker : Amplifier gain 20, for audio range, Built in Loud speaker – 8 ohm / 500 mw / earphone
  • Level Shifter card : 2 No. level shifter converting + 9 V to 0-2.5 V for PC interface
  • Operating Voltage : 220/240Vac Switch settable + 10%, 50Hz/35 VA

Modular experiment panel:

Body Impedance Analysis Experiment Panel:

  • Function Blocks used: R & C component BI simulator, 50KHz wein bridge oscillator, 90° phase shifter, Buffered Excitation current source (800uA), instrumentation Amplifier(X10), Resistive component synchronous detector(IPS), Capacitive component synchronous detector (QPS), peak detector, AC amplifier (X10), Zero crossing detector, Isolation amplifier, Span zero amplifier (Gain = 2 to 20), Battery operated body signal measurement for safety.
  • Detachable Sensor Modules / Electrodes :
  • Supplied with Limb Electrode (4no’s),
  • Chest Electrodes (2 Nos)

Interfacing Unit Multifunctional Data Acquisition System:

  • Consist of – Two differential analog input and analog output channels (200 kS/s, 16 bits, ±10 V). The eight digital input and digital output lines (3.3 V TTL-compatible) to interface both low voltage TTL (LVTTL) and 5 V TTL digital circuits. +5 V, +15 V, and -15 V power supply outputs. The isolated 60 V DMM can measure both AC and DC voltage and current as well as resistance, diode voltage, and continuity. With Plug & Play software.

List of Experiments :

  • Measure Body impedance using Body impedance Analyzer
  • (BIA) and compare with standard
  • Measurement of Respiration Rate using BIA


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