32 Channel EEG machine (ADTECH-BIOM01-EEG32)

32 Channel EEG machine (ADTECH-BIOM01-EEG32)

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32 Channel EEG machine (with Laptop & Printer):


  • Compatible with laptop PCs
  • Up to 32 channels of EEG acquisition/Review (24 EEG channels, 5 Polygraph channels which also can be configured to EEG channels and 3 DC channels)
  • Most compact Head Box; Raw Data Storage, independent of any filters
  • On-line true AC impedance check which displays numeric values of all electrode impedances; On-line, Off-line reformatting of filters (HLF, LLF) sensitivity, sweep and number of channels Unlimited Montage reformatting
  • User definable photic stimulator protocols
  • Facility to mark pages/important events for printing in review
  • Screen freeze facility to study any event carefully during acquisition. Data keeps on going to hard disk
  • Simultaneous acquisition and analysis. One can analyse already acquired data of current patient
  • Split screen facility in analysis to compare the data of same time or different times with individual selection of filters, sensitivity, montage etc.
  • Ultra fast automatic paging facility for efficient Review/Analysis
  • User definable comments for Doctors through hot keys
  • Selectable page view time in auto mode (1 to 10 secs.)
  • User definable protocols for acquisition
  • User definable low and high filter
  • Reporting in MS Word possible
  • Facility to mark important events in Analysis
  • Software on CD for data transfer to Excel Sheet for research purpose.


  1. EEG Machine
  2. Travel bag
  3. EEG Paste
  4. Photic Flash
  5. Electrode CAP with 24 mounting point
  6. Laptop i3 processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD from Lenevo/HP or similar
  7. Ink Tank Colour Printer, Scanner and Copier from HP or Similar
  8. Software


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