Human Respiratory Analysis Trainer Kit (ADTECH-BIOM01-RSP)

Human Respiratory Analysis Trainer Kit (ADTECH-BIOM01-RSP)


Human Respiratory Analysis Trainer Kit :

Trainer system consist of Master unit, Interface Unit and Experimentation Module

Specifications of Master Unit:

  • Power Supply : +5V / 1A, +12V / 500 mA, 0 to 15V DC (Variable) / 100 mA., 0 to -15V DC (Variable) / 100 mA.
  • Computer Interface (CIA) :

Opto-isolated Adaptor to prevent damage to PC parallel port (25 pin LPT) due to wrong connections. Interfaces through 25 pin M to F cable 1mtr Length. P4/XPnot in scope of supply. 4 ADC channels 0 to 2.5V full scale.1 DAC channel : o/p 2.5 V FS. V to I Function block : Input : 0-2.5Vdc, O/P: 0-20 or 4-20mA, in 100E load Max. V to PWM function block : I/P-0-2.5V, O/P-1KHz PWM O/P+9V.

  • PC Software : PC (P4/XP/WIN7) USB based Graph Utility Software for online waveform measurement. Also compatible for programming with labVIEW
  • USB I/O Module : USB IO module to interface 25 pin D connector on CIA panel to USB PC port enclosed in 25 pin D shell using Type A to mini B cable.
  • MIC Pre- Amplifier: Handheld Electret microphone with preamplifier function block with DC gain = 1, AC gain = 50
  • Audio Amplifier & speaker : Amplifier gain 20, for audio range, Built in Loud speaker – 8 ohm / 500 mw / earphone
  • Level Shifter card : 2 No. level shifter converting + 9 V to 0-2.5 V for PC interface
  • Operating Voltage : 220/240Vac Switch settable + 10%, 50Hz/35 VA

Modular experiment panel:

  • Function Blocks used: LED driver @ 350Hz, RED & IR LED, I to V converter circuit, Sample & hold circuit, Blood Pressure Sensor (300 mm Hg) mounted inside panel, Shares MIC with pre-amplifier and loudspeaker with Audio amplifier from Master Unit, Band pass filters (11Hz & 1.6 Hz) Analog wave to square wave converter, Wheatstone Bridge, Instrumentation amplifier circuit (Gain= x 50 & x 1), Skin Contact Measurement go/no go circuit, AC Amplifier (X20 gain)
  • Detachable Sensor Modules / Electrodes :
  1. Pulse oximeter probe / Module
  2. Lie detector with CAL& temperature sensor
  3. Sphygmomanometer / blood pressure apparatus,
  4. Electronic stethoscope probe / Module using Electret MIC

Interfacing Unit Multifunctional Data Acquisition System:

  • Consist of – Two differential analog input and analog output channels (200 kS/s, 16 bits, ±10 V). The eight digital input and digital output lines (3.3 V TTL-compatible) to interface both low voltage TTL (LVTTL) and 5 V TTL digital circuits. +5 V, +15 V, and -15 V power supply outputs. The isolated 60 V DMM can measure both AC and DC voltage and current as well as resistance, diode voltage, and continuity. With Plug & Play software.

List of Experiments :

  • Pulse oximeter / Plythysmogram (HRM)
  • Respiration rate measurement (RRM).
  • Lie Detector based on skin impedance change.
  • Blood Pressure Measurement (BPM) using Korotkoff ‘s Method
  • Blood Pressure Measurement (BPM) using Oscillometry method
  • Heart Rate Measurement (HRM) by using Electronic stethoscope
  • Study of Bandpass (11 Hz) filter to plot frequency waveform for HRM
  • Study of Bandpass (1.6 Hz) filter to plot frequency waveform for Oscillometry method


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