Heat Exchanger Set-up

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The heat exchanger consists of a shell and coiled tube. The height of the shell can be varied vertically so that coils of different pitches can be accommodated. Water at room temperature flows inside the coil and hot air flows in a cross-flow arrangement with the help of a hot air blower. On the System total of 20 thermocouples will be provided for coil wall temperature, air-water in-out, and all other important temperature measurements can be taken.

Coils:- 7 turns, tube i.d.= 1 cm, tube o.d.= 1.25 cm, Diameter= 10 cm, Pitch= 5 cm

Material:– Copper/SS, 3 Pc of different pitches, and coil diameter

Shell:- A transparent window is provided, shell material made of Perspex/SS and rest part insulated with Styrofoam (tw= 8 cm), Approx (LxBxH)= (80x40x60) cm

Hot air blower & Fan arrangement: Variable speed control, High load conditions to maintain rated speed, Temp:- 100-150 deg C

Water storage tank: 200 L capacity to pump the cold water inside the Coil.

Sensors and Transducer

  1. Temperature sensor:- 20 Nos K Type Thermocouples for 20 different temperature reading inside the system
  2. Level Sensor:- For Measuring Tank level of 200 L capacity.
  3. Water Flow measurement Sensor: both manual and PC-based, Digital display, the option of calibration.
  4. Hot Air Flow sensor for measuring the Air inside the shell and outside the shell, QTY:- 2


  1. Tank Water Valves will be provided, PC controlled, QTY:- 1 Nos
  2. Valve will be provided for Water flow control, QTY:- 1 Nos.
  3. Digital Valve will be provided for switching Steam inside the Shell, QTY:- 1 Nos.
  4. Tank bottom Drain Valve will be provided, QTY:- 1 Nos

Data Acquisition Unit

  1. DAQ card can acquire 20 Temperature Signal using Thermocouple.
  2. DAQ card can measure Air flow rate inside and outside the Shell.
  3. It has the provision to acquire at least 10 analog Signals from other sensors for future upgrades.
  4. It acquires Water Flow rate measurement.
  5. It acquires a Water Level sensor and has provision to control it also.
  6. DAQ card is capable to control Valves in the system.
  7. DAQ card will control Hot air blower on-off.

Warranty and support: – 1 Years warranty with  online/onsite support for the System

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 76 × 45 × 76 cm


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