Process control trainer for water Flow and Level

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  • Computer Interface panel for acquire, analyze, and control.
  • Labview/Matlab Software Compatiable.
  • 4 Analog Input Channels with Output Control Channel.
  • Embedded FPGA Control with an option of Graphical Module helps you develop HMI/SCADA or high-channel-count data-logging applications.
  • Use this module to develop a distributed monitoring and control system with tags ranging from a few dozen to tens of thousands. It includes tools for logging data to a networked historical database, tracking real-time and historical trends, managing alarms and events, and adding security to user interfaces.
  • Supports signal conditioning for RTD for Temperature, flow sensor (water) with F to V converter to generate 0-2.5Vdc (FS).
  • Storage tank material/Capacity: 1 No., 10 litre plexiglass tank for water
  • Process tank capacity/material: 1 No. 5 liter, stainless steel tank with temp,
  • Temp: PT100, O/P =0 to 2.5V, ambient to 1000C
  • Flow: Turbine flow sensor 1No. OP=0to2.5V, 0-150LPM
  • Control Valve: Pneumatically operated air to close, linear type, ½ ” Size Diaphragm operated, C=0.4 with I to P Converter I/P 4 to 20mA O/P 4 to20 mA O/P 3 to 15 psi.
  • TAP panel: SCR controlled full-bridge (200Vdc)for 750 for temp. control I/P 0 to 2.5Vdc.
  • Rotameter: 2 Nos. Acrylic body ½ ” size 0 to 50LPM
  • Generation & Distribution Pump: 230VAC 10W submersible water pump with ¼” PVC pipe to fill in process vessel for temp. control expt.
  • Bourdon gauges: 2 Nos. 0 to 2 bars, 2Nos 0 to 10 bar 0-1000C gauge thermometer
  • Modular panels for easy site servicing not close control.
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy, tabletop, Aluminium profile flat panel setup, with SS (304/316) piping for and a wide-angle view of every component in the process.
  • V to I and I to V function block:  I/P 0 to 2.5V & O/P 0-20 or 4-20mA (100W load) switch settable.
  • Individual control loops as well as Advance control schemes like Ratio, Cascade, Feedforward, coupled tank.
  • Connection through polarized FRC connectors, sturdy 4mm Banana sockets & Patch cords enabling quick setting up of a variety of process control experiments.
  • Software package with P, PI & PID control, Ratio & cascade control, three operating modes, Online graph drawing & data acquisition modes (SCADA).
  • Multi-channel DPM for digital display of process parameters
  • Thyristor Actuator cum signal conditioning panel
  • Thyristor bridge based 0-200V/3A using cosine firing circuit, I/P 0 to 2.5Vdc.
  • With Compatible Workstation to the above system, 64 Bit, Intel i5, 8 GB, 1 TB Hard disks, Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse with genuine OS
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